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Kenny Layton

KENNY LAYTON - OWNER OF KENNY'S MOTORSPORTS, INC.**** In 1983 I sold my 1967 Camaro and borrowed $7,000.00 from my father and opened Kenny's Yamaha located at 338 Douglas Ave in Brewton, Alabama. I had dreamed of owning my own motorcycle shop since I was a kid, but in 1983 motorcycle sales were down and ATV's or 3-wheelers were all that were selling. So I started out as an ATV shop in a 2500 sq ft building. In 1995 I moved to a new location at 1288 South Blvd in Brewton. I now have a full line Dealership with Yamaha. I also sell Kawasaki ATV's and Mules. I have always considered myself lucky to do something that I love and to make a living at it! I have made many great friends and met many great customers over the past 30 years and I appreciate all the business that they have done with me.